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Job Position: Staff Assistant
Reports to: House Parents and Program Directors


To support pregnant women by offering resources and mentorship and to meet weekly with
pregnant women to help them set and achieve goals. To assist the maternity houseparents as
needed with transportation, administrative duties including budgeting, Christian character
training, food preparation, household chores, and other needs as they arise.


● Provide mentorship for pregnant women
● Communicate with houseparents and directors in order to provide comprehensive care
of the women
● Build positive relationships with the pregnant women living at New Beginnings
● Support pregnant women during birthing classes as needed.
● Facilitate hospitality and offer support for extended families of women living at New
● Aid the houseparents in the day-to-day operation and management of the maternity
home (to include some administrative tasks)
● Assist with fundraising events
● Assist with troubleshooting various household issues as they arise. This includes
relational and/or the more tangible issues of the house such as maintenance issues
● Coordinate with houseparents to respond to incoming applications
● Attend weekly prayer and staff meeting
● Partner with the houseparents in ensuring daily/weekly/monthly chores are complete
● In charge of meal planning with the girls. Meals need to be nutritious.
● Be a support person in delivery room as needed
Required Skills and Qualifications:
● Personal knowledge of Jesus christ as Lord and Savior and exhibits Christian fruit and
integrity in attitudes and actions
● Self starter
● Completion of Discipleship Training School with Youth With a Mission
● Assessment/diagnostic ability
● Administrative/organizational skills
● Positive personal interactions
● Writing/communication skills
● Program development skills

● Experience involving supervision of teenagers or working with youth (preferred)
● Aptitude to work with expectant mothers
● Minimal knowledge on healthy eating


Expected Attitudes:
● Support and encourage executive staff and be willing to yield to the maternity
houseparents in their oversight of the home
● Ability to show Christian compassion and encouragement
● Positive attitude
● Teamwork
● Commitment to New Beginnings homes’ goals
● Faithful attendance in a local church
● Neutral regarding the options of adoption versus single parenting for unmarried pregnant
● Committed to the institution of adoption, the sanctity of human life, and sexual
abstinence outside of marriage


Length of Commitment:
At least two years, with hopeful extensions in 6+ month increments


This is a volunteer position. Room and board as well as a vehicle to be used for ministry
purposes is provided.


Generally, hours are 9am-6pm (these hours include family dinner). 2 days off per week. You will be required to work three evenings per week.


Regular feedback will be provided. The staff assistant will be evaluated at 30 days, 60 days, 90
days and quarterly thereafter.

To apply or learn more please email or call 253.353.2229

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