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In 1982 Miles and Debi Musick had a dream to open a family centered home for pregnant young women. They felt a desire to surround a young woman that felt alone and afraid with love and support. At that time they were living in an apartment  in Tacoma, Washington with their one year old daughter Malia and knew that they needed a house to see that dream come true. 

On a trip to California the Musick’s had met a pregnant young woman that had experienced previous abortions. They asked her what would have helped her to not have to go through with ending her pregnancies. The main thing she told them was if she had found the support she needed and another place to live, then she believed she could have made a different choice. That young woman did eventually move in with the Musick's from California.

After much prayer and divine appointments they found a house that was in Tacoma that they were able to assume the mortgage of $200 a month. This was possible because the equity that was in the home was given from the men that owned it. The house had 5 bedrooms with only one bathroom. Miles was able to build a bathroom in an upstairs closet. Youth With A Mission, New Beginnings Home was born. The first gift they received was for $15.00. It was a very stretching time, not knowing where all that was needed would come from. The Musick's went garage sale shopping for furniture at a garage sale in Tacoma, where some ladies asked why they were looking for furnishings? One of the ladies granddaughters who was 16 at the time had the same dream of opening a home for pregnant women to help save babies from abortion. Before they knew it they were talking on the phone to her in the garage. When they explained where the home was located she exclaimed “That is the house I grew up in!” Another Divine appointment! She had painted a pregnant woman in a bed on the basement wall that was still there! Angela Connelly lives in Tacoma now with her husband and 9 children.


The first week the home was open six pregnant women moved in, one every day for six days! Miles and Debi learned the hard way about needing house rules and putting together a program. 


Living in McKinley Hill was not a safe place for the young women to walk, so Miles started looking for another place to move the home. Puyallup seemed like a tranquil place but it was so expensive. The Musick’s received a phone call from an old friend who owned a farmhouse in Puyallup. He asked if they would be willing to caretake the home. The home was a 1901 farmhouse on 80 acres that no one had lived in for 10 years. Miles and Debi made the transition to Puyallup in 1992. Three acres of property across the street became available to purchase so the decision was made to sell the house in Tacoma so a new New Beginnings Home could be built in Puyallup. God provided in miraculous ways for the home to be completed, from volunteers coming every Saturday to the materials needed for the build. 


New Beginnings Puyallup was opened in 1994. There have been over 600 young women from the ages of 12 to 42 and 12 sets of house parents. In 2010 our first aftercare home was opened for birth-moms, and a year later an aftercare home for single moms and babies was opened. 

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