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Job position: Single Mothers & Birth Mothers Staff Assistant

To assist program managers in creating a peaceful and nurturing home atmosphere for single mothers and/or birth mothers. To support young women after they give birth through friendship and mentoring, and to provide a Christian family role model. To help establish postpartum support systems, nutritious meals and reasonable exercise. To be firm but loving in relationships, realizing many women will come with problems associated with men, authority, and deep hurts. To integrate the women into family life by providing recreational times as well as household responsibilities. To bring the women to church and commit to pray for each person in the home. To work closely with and help implement the policies and goals set forth by the Program Lead. This role entails floating between both the Single Mothers home and the Birth Mothers home.  


Duties and Responsibilities:
•Provide spiritual leadership to young women.
•Accept responsibility for the day-to-day activities of the homes and care of the young
•Maintain upkeep on house, property, and vehicles as much as abilities allow. Request
repairs as needed.
•Assist with administrative task for the ministry as needed or as skills allow.

•Participate in planning, preparation, set up, tear down, and execution of fundraising events

•Maintain a comfortable and clean house, enlisting the assistance of the residents.
•Schedule activities, outline responsibilities, and facilitate special programs.
•Help the young women with appointments and other responsibilities, especially within
the first 6 weeks post partum.
•Know where each young woman is when she is outside the home.
•Monitor leisure activities including TV, internet, music, phone calls and people visiting.
•Provide a means of physical exercise and recreation to the women.
•Set an example of a loving Christian couple or a healthy single life and dating life. Honoring God in all ways.
•Assist each woman to develop her gifts and talents by recognizing such gifts and
lending encouragement and praise.

•Maintain necessary contact with teachers and attend conferences and school
•Maintain an attitude that promotes availability to the young women.
•Try to be aware of each young woman’s emotional needs; work to help them enter into
the activities of the home and improve their self-image. 
•Enforce family guidelines and discipline in a loving manner.
•Set up and maintain work schedules geared to running an efficient home.
•Assign daily household duties to all women.
•Plan and supervise preparation of well-balanced meals.
•Be willing to assist women postpartum.
•Teach women good habits for personal hygiene and home maintenance.
•Attend workshops or conferences that are recommended to increase skills and staff
•Maintain an up-to-date medical file on each young woman.
•Notify appropriate people in a medical or other emergency.
•Assist each resident post-partum and help her determine when it is necessary for her
or baby to go to the doctor, emergency room, etc.
·Help new mothers to enroll their babies in daycare.
·As necessary help with women finding jobs.
Help to make young women aware of development milestones for their children


Required Skills and Qualifications:
•Personal knowledge of Jesus Christ as his/her Lord and Savior and exhibition of
Christian fruit and integrity in attitudes and actions
•Completion of a YWAM Discipleship Training School
•Be over 23 years of age.
•Be a high school graduate.
•Have a valid driver’s license.
•Be capable of providing leadership and spiritual guidance to each of the young women
according to her specific needs.
•Be married for a minimum of 3 years or living a God honoring single life for 3 years.
•Have a neutral stance on adoption vs. single parenting.
•Provide evidence of financial responsibility.
•Have a sympathetic understanding of each young woman and her unique situation.
•Demonstrate a parenting style that involves high acceptance, consistency, and
appropriate discipline.
•Have no criminal record or recent history of drug or alcohol involvement.


Expected Attitudes:
•Support and encourage all staff
•Submit to Directors for final decisions
•Ability to show Christian compassion and encouragement
•Positive attitude
•Ability to delegate
•Commitment to the mission of New Beginnings Home

•Faithful attendance in a local church
•Committed to the institution of adoption, the sanctity of human life, and sexual
abstinence outside of marriage.

Length of Commitment:
2 years, with hopeful extensions in 6 month increments


This is a volunteer position. Room and board will likely be provided by the ministry. (further conversation will be needed) 


Hours/Time Off:
Flexible full time hours. Generally, 11am-7pm with 2 days off per week. You may be required to work some nights or weekends depending on events or needs. Three weeks vacation (21 days) per year. 

Regular feedback will be provided. The staff assistant will be evaluated at 30 days, 60 days, 90days and quarterly thereafter.

To apply or learn more please email or call 253.353.2229

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