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New Beginnings Homes Program

At New Beginnings we aim to focus on every resident’s emotional, physical and spiritual needs. We focus on the emotional needs by meeting 1 on 1 to discuss goals, options, and feelings. We focus on physical needs by providing healthy food, a healthy and stress free environment, and giving the opportunity to work out weekly. We focus on spiritual needs by participating in a weekly church service and bible study. 


The maternity home House Parents get to know each resident and help her according to her individual needs. Staff provides transportation to and from all pregnancy related appointments. House parents and staff also fill the role of helping the home feel like a supportive family. Every family has ups and downs, but we’re also there for each other and know how to have fun together!


For women wanting more of the support, encouragement, and discipleship that begins in the maternity home, they have the option to apply to live in our single mothers home and birth mothers home. 


The goal of our single mothers home (House of Hope) is to provide additional support for new moms moving out of the maternity home. In this aftercare program we continue to focus on meeting the physical, emotional, and spiritual needs of each young women. In addition mothers in our single mother program can also look forward to receiving the support needed to be a successful parent. A mom coming home from the hospital with a new baby can feel nervous, overwhelmed and exhausted. The amount of support needed in the first few weeks is huge; from breastfeeding to health and safety concerns, to getting rest at night and combating loneliness. In this home residents receive the support that they need and they will continually be encouraged, and affirmed on their journey through motherhood.


Our birth mother’s home (House of Blessing) is for women who have lovingly chosen a forever family for their child through adoption. Our residents may be facing difficult circumstances and need a sanctuary to process their grief and find healing! This home is unlike any other providing resources, counseling, mentoring, and an encouraging “family” atmosphere. The young women who live in this home are encouraged to take part in birth mom support groups and special activities. Our residents are also actively employed, furthering their education, and learning to reach for their personal goals. 



PO Box 512

Puyallup, WA 98371

253-353-BABY (2229)

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New Beginnings Homes is a ministry of Youth with a Mission.

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